Piano Six Gala Concert

May 25, 2019 - 7:30pm

St. Mark's Anglican Church
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

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Piano Six is a collective of six internationally-renowned Canadian concert pianists, each with a passion for exploring with their audiences to uncover the story and emotion within.

Bravo Niagara! will present the inaugural Gala Concert featuring performances by Marika Bournaki, David Jalbert, Angela Park, Ian Parker, Daniel Wnukowski and special guest, pianist Godwin Friesen.

The Piano Six Gala Concert will feature six internationally-acclaimed new generation Canadian concert pianists including Marika Bournaki, David Jalbert, Angela Park, Ian Parker, Daniel Wnukowski, and special guest, pianist Godwin Friesen. The concert will include repertoire ranging from solo to four-hand/two-piano, and even a newly commissioned work for 12-hands/two-pianos! 

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About Piano Six

Piano Six will bring these six internationally-renowned pianists to small and remote communities in Canada to fill a cultural gap: these regions currently lack access to live classical performances. The original “Piano Six” (1994-2004) which included Janina Fialkowska, Angela Cheng, Marc-André Hamelin, Angela Hewitt, André Laplante, and Jon Kimura Parker, helped to fill this gap, and for a time, many small communities supported their own classical concert series in the wake of “Piano Six.” But in recent years, many of these series have dissolved. “Piano Six – Next Generation” once again serves remote and rural communities providing a new generation of audience members with live, quality classical music performances.

During each tour stop, one of the six pianists presents a carefully crafted program that combines classical masterworks with one or more Canadian works, all connected by an overarching theme. The inclusion of Canadian works helps listeners humanize composers, allowing them to draw connections between “European greats” and composers from this country. Pianists provide commentary between pieces, pulling the music apart and suggesting why certain components generate specific emotional responses within listeners. Further, the artists draw connections between the historical materials and more recent popular music.